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7000W Complete Turn-key Solar Energy System


Load Capacity: (5 Bedrooms + Pool)
Forty powerful Tramelton Solar 210 watt solar panels combined with a German engineered SMA Sunnyboy 7000W gridtie inverter make this a compact yet powerful way for you to plug in to the sun.
The package includes all the UniRac rooftop mounting rails,grounding legs, DC and AC disconnects and wire extensions you will need for typical installation at your home or business.

  • 40 Tramelton Solar TS210W, black frame
  • 40 Unirac Solar Mount/Conergy175/inc ground lug
  • 8 MC3 10AWG - 30' Cable extension
  • 1 SMA SB7000 US with AC-DC Disconnect
  • 1 MNPV-6, 6 Position Combiner Box
  • 4 MNTS Fuse Holder FERRAZ USMI 600VAC 30 AMP
  • 4 MNATM15 600VDC 15 amp Fuse


  • Site evaluation and planning
  • Pull Permit and Licensing where needed
  • Complete Installation
  • Call for Final Inspection
  • Turn on the system
  • Inspection twice a year for 5 years
Price: $71,360.00

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